5 Things I Would Do If I Suddenly Had a Million Dollars

One of the countries I’ve been dying to visit is South Africa, particularly the city of Cape Town. But the flight from the U.S. is really long and there’s no way I can be cooped up for 15 hours in economy. So I’d buy a first-class ticket and fly there in style! The hubs would go, too, of course!

I’d donate a big chunk of the million to Alzheimer’s research. My dad died from complications of the disease and I watched his beautiful and witty mind slowly decay for several years. A year ago, my brother was diagnosed with early onset. It’s a long and torturous road for Alzheimer sufferers and their loved ones, and like with all diseases, I hope a cure is found someday.

I’d also spend some dough on ads for my books! Billboards even! Do you know 28 other erotic romance novels (that I know of) were released the same day as my newest, TwiSted TWo-SteP? Only Indie authors understand how difficult it is to break away from the herd. We’re a lot of little fish in a very big pond ocean.

I’d hire a spy/caregiver to look after my mom. She’s stubborn, feisty and proud, and I’d prefer she move to Colorado so I can take care of her in her old age. But she’s happy and comfortable in her small house in the small town in Iowa where everything is familiar. There are still some family and a couple of wonderful neighbors around, but when she’s sick with a cold or just depressed and talking with me doesn’t help, I want someone to be there to make her chicken soup and pamper her.

Number five. Hmm… I’d save some money for number five…


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