Love is an irrestible desire…

My sister-in-law posted a quote from the poet Robert Frost on her Facebook page. She’s old…older…and granted, nobody gives a shit about poets anymore, but I love the sentiment.

Love is an irrestible desire to be irrestibly desired…

Can you imagine never loving anyone? I love my cat. She’s a constant reminder that love is unconditional. No matter what.

I love my house. It’s the perfect size. Modern and just the way I like it. And soon the yard will be blooming with flowers.

Of course I love my family, too, but what about romanitc love? The love that makes your stomach pitch and churn and flip-flop, and the mere thought of the person naked and lying beside you makes you wet with desire?

That lingering desire is in all of us. And to be irrestibly desired back is the best feeling in the world. Monuments are built because of it. Children are born. Histories are made…



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