Behind the Walls

If you know my bio, you know I’m a traveler. I love the sound of a new place. The lilting chorus of a different language echoing in the background, the mosaic of street noises and the chapel bells or calls to prayer pealing in the distance. So when the supposed lazy retreat of San Miguel de Allende beckoned, I booked a week at a hillside B&B located on a steep cobblestoned lane for a week.

Big mistake.

Nothing is as it seems in San Miguel de Allende (like in my newest book, Twisted Two-Step. LOL!)  Sure, the city is picturesque, at least what I saw of it. It’s also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and populated by a host of American and Canadian expats, so the place had to be good, right?

Wrong! SMA has a secret and I was shocked. Shell-shocked!

It turns out it’s customary to set off fireworks to celebrate special occasions. Birthdays, christenings, holidays, anniversaries, anything, and from the moment I arrived until fleeing 15 hours later, the cherry bombs and an array of loud fireworks boomed throughout the town.

Okay, to be fair, I happened to be there over Mother’s Day, which is one of the biggest celebrations in Mexico. If it was just for a day, I could handle it. But the onslaught lasted into the wee hours of the morning and started again in the wee hours of the morning. Plus, another couple staying at the B&B, who couldn’t sleep either, admitted the bombardment had been going on and off the whole week they were there.


I’ve been to towns all over Mexico and had never encountered the practice. You’d think the residents would be as pissed as me and maybe put some laws in place. But the owner of the B&B confirmed there was nothing to stop the barrage, so me and the hubs fled to Cuernavaca, a city south of Mexico City, and then to Coyoácan, a suburb of Mexico City, where we didn’t hear another firecracker.

It just goes to show you. You never know. Be ready for the unexpected, like what you find behind these walls.

Behind the walls 1

Behind the walls 2


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