TwiSted TWo-SteP Reviews

“I’m so shocked! This was a fabulous book. Julia Bramer is amazingly talented. The Nate character was screaming at me through the entire book.” Reading Renee

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“When I bought this book, I figured I’d read a chapter or two and then put it down four days until the weekend. That didn’t happen! I didn’t put it down until I finished, which was in less than 24 hours! I just couldn’t stop reading.”  LeezaW “Bookaholic

“Holy F-balls! This is not an easy story to read because you know that it isn’t wrapped in neat paper with a big shiny bow on top. You will have to wade through the mess that is their life, jobs, family & most of all revenge to get the story you hope for. If you can make it through all of that, you will be happy in the end…” J&S Lewis

“You know when you read a book and you feel like the storyline isn’t fresh?? Well that is definitely not the case in this one. It is a category in its own.” Amazeballs Book Addicts

“I found myself thinking about the book and characters throughout the day, and they will stay with me for a while. I highly recommend this book!!” Shannon Smith

“This is my second Julia Bramer book and this one is twisted with a capital T, and I loved every page of it…” A Southern Girl’s Romantic Reads

“Julia Bramer is an author who knows how to throw you for a loop and keeps you on your toes. Twisted Two-Step is a book that does it. I still can’t get over the twists and turns in this story. It also has one of the more original endings in a book. If you’re looking for something different that is going to keep you guessing, read Twisted Two-Step.” Elena Cruz


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