Blog Tour for Sugar Daddy’s Baby

If you could be anonymous for one night, what would you do?

For Marley Williams, one fateful night of anonymity changes everything…

After ten years of hard work and sacrifice, she’s close to accomplishing her goal. She’ll never be poor or hungry again. Then one interaction, a bizarre story, an hour in her life set her on a new path. She discovers Cockaigne, a mythical-turned-real paradise where everyone gets whatever they want. She jeopardizes everything to experience it and gets more than she bargained for.

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Please note. Sugar Daddy’s Baby is a romantic thriller with adult themes. It contains sexually explicit scenes and some offensive language and is for mature audiences only.


Preview Sugar Daddy’s Baby on Kindle Scout

Sugar Daddy’s Baby is available to preview through August 20th on Amazon’s reader-powered Kindle Scout. If you like what you see, please nominate it for publication. It only takes a few minutes, longer if you want to read the first 5,000 words. If Amazon publishes it, they’ll send you a free copy!

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